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Episode 41

Finding purpose in life, hitting rock bottom and manifesting miracles with Stephanie Menere

Stephanie Menere's purpose is to give and to guide women in business to have the financial knowledge they need to run an efficient and enjoyable business.

She gets passionate when she sees potential - when she sees what a business could be.

A Chartered Accountant of with over 10 years experience, Stephanie works with clients big and small because she believes we all have the right to do the work we love. When we have healthy profits it provides the opportunity to expand our purpose. To reach more lives, to better the world. 

Stephanie offers a number of services to people including 1:1 coaching, a 6 week course for creatives to learn financial strategy and a bookkeeping membership group. Its purpose is to provide you with accountability to keep on top of your accounts and finances. 

If you want to know more about Stephanie, please use the following links:

Website: https://stephaniemenere.com.au/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/penny_school/

In this episode Stephanie references a book by Ken Honda - Happy Money: The Japanese Art of Making Peace with your Money

She also mentions a poem by Rebecca Campbell called I Pray that you Hit Rock Bottom https://rebeccacampbell.me/i-pray-that-you-hit-rock-bottom/

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Vanessa is a HR Consultant, a Confidence Coach and a Podcast Host. She is also a women who encounters the highs and lows of confidence and has much in common with her guests.
Vanessa got her first proper job in 1998 when she joined as an Officer in the Royal Navy and then after 15 years doing that, she transitioned into senior HR roles working for organisations all over the world.
She has always been fascinated by people who exude confidence and how they did it. An avid people watcher, she observed people when they were operating with confidence and self-belief and learnt so many strategies, tools and techniques. She now helps other women with confidence at work and this podcast is a way for her to share her knowledge and her network with a wider audience.