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Episode 5

Women in Confidence featuring Lindy Alexander

Lindy Alexander is an award winning freelance writer who regularly contributes to numerous Australian and international publications such as delicious, Escape, The Australian, MiNDFOOD, The Age/Sydney Morning Herald, The Guardian, The Telegraph (UK) and Travel & Leisure Southeast Asia. Phew that is a lot!

Lindy started out as a sign language interpreter and social worker before pursuing her passion for writing. She now runs a successful content writing business, a blog The Freelancer's Year and delivers online courses to help aspiring and established freelance writers.

To find out more about Lindy here are some links:

LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/food-travel-lifestyle-freelance-writer/

Website - www.lindyalexander.net

The Freelancer's Year Blog - https://www.thefreelancersyear.com

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Vanessa Murphy

Vanessa is a HR Consultant, a Confidence Coach and a Podcast Host. She is also a women who encounters the highs and lows of confidence and has much in common with her guests.
Vanessa got her first proper job in 1998 when she joined as an Officer in the Royal Navy and then after 15 years doing that, she transitioned into senior HR roles working for organisations all over the world.
She has always been fascinated by people who exude confidence and how they did it. An avid people watcher, she observed people when they were operating with confidence and self-belief and learnt so many strategies, tools and techniques. She now helps other women with confidence at work and this podcast is a way for her to share her knowledge and her network with a wider audience.